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WINSON Hand held barcode scaner


Model;                    WNL-5000-USB

Certification;          CE, ROHS, ICE, FCC, CE-EMC

Capable;                CCC,MIC,Taiwan BSMI,CB

Min.Order;              1 Unit

Brand Name;         Winson




1.High performance CPU,excellent performance in decoding and error correcting capacity
2.Diversity of interface,support RS232, USB and RS485 and PS2 keyboard interface
3.Flexible configuration,customized configuration with best performance
4.Ultra comfort design,perfect human engineering design, ultra comfort with lifetime use
5.Best price value,high performanceCPU performance with only 8 bits CPU price
6.Diversified customized features,great match for customer applications, greatly improve work efficiency
7.Achieving one-to-many communications (one PC/PLC host to many barcode scanners),Good for applications as     multiple barcode scanners linked to the same network
8.Complement checking code for barcode data and command,more secure for data and command transfer
9.Creative user defined barcode technology,user defined barcode binding with unique ID barcode scanner